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Brian Schmitz, D.C.

Dr. Brian is a 2003 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic. He has treated over 3000 patients during the past 12 years. With 100's of hours of advanced training and equipment, he is uniquely qualified to treat the pain that interferes at home, work, and play. He mission to help as many people as possible reach optimal health.

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Massage Therapist


I’m Kayla! Massage therapy has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I love helping people heal through the power of massage. It’s helpful to be involved within Rum River Chiropractic because my patients also get to experience the benefits of getting adjustments with Dr. Brian. We are both working towards the same goal; healing, recovery, and pain relief for our patients.

After an auto accident, injured muscles spasm to try to protect the spine. As the muscles heal, scar tissue can form inside the muscle fibers causing them to be ropy and contracted in the future. It is imperative to start massage therapy as soon as possible to reduce pain and swelling and to prevent the scar tissue from forming.

Car accidents are stressful, this is your time to relax and heal. Seeing my patients start to feel better is always a huge accomplishment. I’m excited for every new patient’s potential, every time.

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