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"I have been to several chiropractors for my back pain and headaches. All of the other chiropractors offered no solution to my problem- just to keep coming back for more adjustments. At Rum River Chiropractic I was explained to why I was experiencing pain and the cause of it. I was given exercises and stretches to supplement the adjustments."

- Megan W.

"Dr. Brian Schmitz, I am writing this letter to thank you and all of your staff for the exceptional care you have given me. The staff has been top notch, prompt, professional and courteous in every way. I cannot say enough nice things about how they have treated me. They're the best! I also must thank you Dr. Schmitz for all you have done for me as well. Your chiropractic skills have left me pain free and I cannot thank you enough for your kind and much appreciated generosity. I will most certainly be recommending you to people in the future. Sincerely,"

- Peggy H.

"I came with headaches, neck pain, low back pain, and hip pain. I have received adjustments and massages. I really feel well now, and I am coming along awesome. No Headaches!"

- Leanna H.

"My original complaint was not being able to walk. (Due to severe low back pain). I threw my back out on a Sunday, layed in bed all day Monday, was able to see Dr. Brian on Tuesday. I called at 11:00 and got adjusted at 1:30. I feel great now. I was able to go on a week long motorcycle trip two weeks later. I'm able to work out again. The staff has been awesome! Dr. Brian left me a voice mail after my first visit to see how I was feeling, and Melissa is very nice."

- Anonymous

"The tension in my upper back and neck became unbearable and the headaches were common. It had come to a point when I could not turn my head in one direction at all... With a few consecutive treatments, I was able to once again manage my life with continued maintenance I could keep the tension under control... I rarely need more than one session to relieve the headaches and neck tension... the staff here always takes the time to talk with me and find out what is currently giving me problems.

I never feel rushed and I always feel welcomed and important... I can always count on them to be there for my needs and to relieve my symptoms and chiropractic problems. I have also recommended them to other people who have also been very pleased with their experiences. A sincere thank you to the staff at Rum River Chiropractic, I appreciate everything you do for me."

- Elizabeth C.

"I have fibromyalgia. I have found that getting a massage once a month really helps. My muscles are always tender and knotted up. The massage helps alot. I feel since I went on the wellness plan, (getting massages once a month), that this has made my fibromyalgia much more tolerable. Occasionally, I have to see the chiropractor. Dr. Brian is great. He is the only one that can manipulate my neck. I have been to many over the years and they could not move my neck like he can."

- Anonymous

"We love Dr. Brian! He is our family's primary physician, the one we go to first for just about every ailment or injury. Dr. Brian has treated our kids sprained ankles, necks, shoulders, backs, and tailbones; from trampoline injuries to bike crashes, he keeps us all in line. I have headaches from an old car accident, and Dr. Brian helps keep my headaches in check, and from getting disabling. Dr. Brian goes way beyond the call of duty to serve his patients, and treats us like family."

- Olson Family

"I started with really bad neck pain and headaches. I went to my doctor who told me I was very stressed out. She put me on a muscle relaxer and told me to calm down. After two weeks of unbearable pain, I couldn't take it anymore. So I thought I'd try chiropractic. The staff was amazing in dealing with the actual problem and understanding me. Just after 1 week of adjustments the headaches went away and after 1 month the muscle tension was gone. I am now off all medication and feel 100% better. I am still going occasionally to stay correct, but loving the outcome!!"

- Rachel R.

"I have suffered from migraines for about 15 years now and was introduced to chiropractic therapy recently. Within a few weeks the migraines decreased considerably! I feel absolutely amazing! It was also cool to find out what might be contributing to the migraines. Dr. Brian was able to explain specific areas that are worse and explained that it is that way for a reason but with exercises and adjustments, there is hope to reforming by problem areas. I love the RRC staff, it makes coming for an adjustment fun and it works!"

- Crystal D.

"I was recently experiencing mid to low back pain which was so uncomfortable I had difficulties sleeping, completing daily tasks and working. I left work early one day due to the pain. I scheduled an appointment that day at Rum River Chiropractic. I was assessed and informed that I would need an adjustment to my back and neck. I was somewhat skeptical it would help, however I felt so much better after receiving the adjustment. My back pain went away and my recent headaches subsided. I am very pleased with my results. I would recommend this treatment to others with similar problems."

- Anonymous


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